Jess Howard Electric Company has always been committed to providing quality work to our customers and in 1945 we adopted the following mission statement for the entire firm:

"To supply high quality electric work in a cost effective manner, with service and technical assistance to the industries we serve, for mutual growth. Our future depends upon customer satisfaction and their belief in our integrity."

Customer satisfaction is the goal of the entire corporation. Jess Howard Electric Company deals with materials sourced from the finest group of manufacturers in the world. We have the best equipment, the best facilities and the best people in our industry. Together we can make this work.

Jonathan F. Howard
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If you are interested in being a part of the Jess Howard Electric team please take the time to print and fill out the application. After you have completed the application please send the application along with a resume to:

Jess Howard Electric Company
6630 Taylor Road
Blacklick, Ohio 43004

You may also fax your resume to fax number (614) 861-1830

You can also submit electronically via our online

Application by clicking the Application Link below