In 1945, Jesse E. Howard originated the Jess Howard Electric Company operating from a garage at the rear of 597 Hampton Avenue, on the East side of Columbus. A short time after this, he built a store building at 3247 East Main Street, where appliances were sold and repaired, as well as electric installations in motels, homes, and store building.

In 1949, due to the rapid growth of the electric contracting phase of the operation which created a need for a larger facility, this building was sold. The business was temporarily operated from the rear of 339 James Road, Mr. Howard's home at that time, until larger facilities being built at 201 N. Hamilton Road, Whitehall, Ohio were completed.

In 1950, the building was complete, and since that time, through the expertise of Jess Howard in the field of electric contracting and the untiring efforts of his competent staff, business continued to grow year by year. During the twenty-three years of growth, the building was expanded four times.

The new Jess Howard Electric Company plant, located at 6630 Taylor Road, Blacklick, Ohio, is on a fifteen-acre site. The main building provides 30,000 square feet of warehouse space and 10,000 square feet of office space. Separate buildings are provided for both a welding shop and a mechanic shop for equipment repair and maintenance. Surrounding the perimeter are covered parking facilities for our equipment.

Today, the Jess Howard Electric Company is not only well known and established in the electric contracting field, but also enjoys the reputation of being one of the leading contracting firms performing all phases of electric construction and repair.